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Frequently Asked Questions

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This is a misalignment in the spine causing stress, pressure, and ultimately interference in your nervous system. Your nervous system controls every single cell, tissue, organ, and organ system in the body. When subluxations are present you cannot function optimally.
There are 3 main causes of subluxation:

Trauma: Examples include a car accident at any point in your life, sports injuries, surgery, poor posture, and even the process of being born

Toxins: Pharmaceutical drugs, Genetically Modified food, air & water pollution, and your body’s own waste products

Thoughts: stress, anxiety, negative thought pattern
We will verify your insurance for you upon request. We are not in network with any insurance companies, however, if you do have chiropractic coverage we will provide you with a super bill to submit to your insurance company. The reason we are not an in-network provider is because it limits the quality of care by dictating how many times we can see a patient and the type of care we can provide. We are able to provide the highest quality of care by being out of network, this truly allows us to serve our patients. You are responsible for paying for each visit.
During your first visit, our healthcare professionals will take a thorough medical history, perform a physical examination, and discuss your health concerns and goals. Based on this information, we will develop a personalized treatment plan that may include one or more of our integrative services.
The frequency of treatment varies depending on the individual and the specific treatment plan. Our healthcare professionals will discuss this with you and make recommendations based on your needs and goals.
Enriched Plasma Therapy works by extracting a small amount of blood from the patient and then processing it to concentrate the platelets and growth factors. This enriched plasma is then injected into the site of the injury or damaged tissue, where it can stimulate healing and regeneration.
We will send patients out for images such as x-rays if we determine it is necessary in order to provide safe care following a trauma. All people over the age of 65 are required to have x-rays of their spine. If you have had any images taken such as x-rays or MRI by another office we encourage you to bring them with you to your first visit or to inform us so that we may send a records request.
Birth is often the most traumatic event we experience in our lifetime. Depending on the type of birth, up to 140 pounds of pressure is used to pull the baby’s head and neck. This can cause damage to the nervous system as it is not yet fully developed at birth and is frequently the first cause of spinal subluxations. Left unchecked subluxations can lead to health problems later in life. The pressure we use to adjust an infant is the same amount of pressure you would use to test a ripe tomato.
The sound you often hear and experience during an adjustment is what we call an audible. It is simply the release of pressure that has been built up in the joint over months, years, sometimes even decades.
Yes and no. It depends on your lifestyle. People who come into the office in a state of crisis will get adjusted more regularly at the beginning. Similarly, someone with an extremely active lifestyle will get adjusted more regularly. We will design a care plan that is specific to you, your health, and your spine. It is a process that requires time and repetition as we re-educate your body. Just like you visit the dentist on a regular basis or keep up with the maintenance on your car it is imperative to maintain the health of your body.
No, this is exactly when we want you to get adjusted. Studies show that people who get adjusted regularly get sick less often. This is because the nervous system, which is directly impacted by spinal adjustments, actually regulates the immune system. Each and every time you get your spine adjusted it enhances the function of the immune system its self. So getting adjusted when you are sick will help you recover quicker.
Depending on if you fill out the paperwork ahead of time it will take 45 – 60 minutes. One of the doctors will review your history, spend one-on-one time with you getting to know your health history in depth, and then will perform a spinal examination. The second visit will take 30 -45 minutes and is when one of the doctors will go over your report of findings, you usually then receive your first adjustment, and then recommendations & finances are reviewed.
Pain is usually the last symptom to show-up and the first symptom to disappear. Therefore, it is not a good indicator of your health. The doctors are very skilled in detecting and removing spinal subluxations and will determine if an adjustment needs to take place.
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